Sampling Tips

Apr 10th 2017

There’s one very good reason why we offer sample packets to our wholesale customers: 1 in 3 who try will buy. Sampling allows your customers to try before they buy and gives you a chance to give them ideas on what they can do with our mixes. We strongly encourage our wholesale customers to sample if at all possible, but it can sometimes be a daunting prospect. So, we’ve compiled some how-to’s, ideas, and tips from our own experiences to help you make the most of your time sampling.

1: Our first tip? Narrow your focus. Some stores sample daily, others do it on high-traffic days only, still others sample during events like open houses, local festivals, and sidewalk sales. Decide what works best for your store and stick to your schedule.

2: Always keep your products close to where you’re sampling. The best set-ups include putting the mixes immediately adjacent to where you are sampling. If you are sampling at the front of the store, but have a display at the back for mixes, then customers are more likely to take a sample but forget to view the product at the back of the store.

3. Keep your sampling space tidy and spend a few minutes putting the area together to make it visually appealing. Our wholesale customers are a unique and creative bunch of people who do an amazing job at pulling together gorgeous sampling areas. Attractive displays draw in the eye and make your customers more likely to sample!

4. The fourth and final tip of this post is to always remember to inspire your customers. We offer free recipe sheets with all orders--just ask for them when you order--that you can set out next to the mixes; new customers receive free cookbooks, and existing customers can always order them from us for only $9/dozen. These items help inspire your customers to think outside the box--for example, Spinach Dip Mix is amazing all by itself with some pumpernickel bread slices or crunchy celery sticks, but it can also be used to create lasagna or a creamy chicken dish. Ensuring that your customers leave your store with ideas on how to use their mix is a great way to gain their repeat business and new business from the people they share their creations with.

As always, if you ever have questions about sampling, don’t hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ll be there to offer up our suggestions and answer your questions!