Private Label Program

Apr 10th 2017

Our Mixes + Your Label/Logo = A Delicious, Profitable, Winning Combination

Set yourself apart from the rest by combining Country Home Creations mixes with your store’s name and/or logo. This winning combination enhances your reputation for quality and will please your most discriminating customer. Country Home Creations offers several high quality, hand-packed dip mixes for private labeling. Consider our private label program for great, profitable sales. You’ll be amazed at the results. Please call with any questions.

Private label minimum opening order: $1000.00

Private label minimum re-order: $600.00

4 dozen per item minimum order requirement (applies to every private label order)

Layout/Set-Up Fee #95030 (one-time charge): $250.00

This covers all our design work and setup plus future maintenance on your labels! Don't worry about nutritional or ingredient information or FDA regulations; we'll do it for you.

On all first time private label orders, $250 layout/set-up fee must be paid in advance; $250 is non-refundable on any cancellation of order. No C.O.D.’s on any private label account. Opening order amount must be prepaid by check or credit card. If you wish to prepay by check, please include $250 set-up fee, full order amount, and estimated 15% for shipping. Please refer to our business policies for complete information regarding payment methods. No work is processed or prototypes created on a private label order until our receipt of $250 layout/set-up fee.

Please contact our office for more information if you are interested in participating in our unique private label program.

Order Completion/Shipping and Reorders

Allow 8 weeks for first order and 4 weeks for all reorders after we have received all of the following:

$250 layout/set-up fee (or entire prepaid order amount, if applicable)

Logo/artwork or copy of tag you have created (for our approval, see Artwork below)

Private label contract, signed & dated

An order

Please keep in mind the time frames involved for initial orders and reorders. We do not keep any extra tags for private label customers in house. Tags are ordered and printed each time you order.


Your logo is the focus of a private label tag. You must provide information with precise business name, address, social media, website, etc., as it is to appear on tag. You also must provide any direction on colors or fonts desired. Please be certain all information listed is correct as you want it to appear. These are the technical requirements for any logos or artwork that you send:

1 inch by 3.75 inches

Picture format (jpg, png, tif, gif, pdf, etc.)

CMYK color

300 dpi resolution

No photocopies, business cards, letterhead, etc.; no artwork accepted by fax

Upon your submittal and our receipt of the private label contract, you will be charged the $250 layout/set-up fee and work will begin on your layout as soon as this one time charge has been processed. We allow 1 week for the completion of this step. Any time delay is added to the initial 8 weeks completion. A proof of your completed tag will be sent to you by email, mail or fax for your approval. This must be signed, dated, and returned to us at once. No verbal approval is accepted. Any change to proof (if you want to change the artwork/information originally provided to us) is charged at the rate of $35.00 per hour, 1 hour minimum. Changes include, but are not limited to: font type, font size, font color, color correction, name change, file type change, image rotation, and image resize. Please be certain everything you provide is correct the first time you send it.

Please review the examples of our private label tags. Please consider how your logo and/or name will look reduced to fit in the area(s) shown on the tag. Simpler, cleaner logos look the best. Logos that contain a lot of detail do not reduce well. In this instance, consider using your store name typeset. Same design/layout must be used on all tags. Different designs are considered separate set-ups. Background colors/patterns, font style, font color, and font size may require variation. All tags must list a responsible party by name and complete address (physical address or mailing address). Website/social media are optional; however telephone numbers are required in most instances. Please contact us for further details.

You may supply us with your own tags if you wish. You are responsible for all exterior/interior layout, artwork, and printing. We will provide nutritional, ingredient statement, directions, etc. You must send a proof-copy of tag to us for final approval of layout, net weight statement, ingredients, etc., per F.D.A. and State of Michigan Department of Agriculture guidelines, prior to the printing of your actual tags. We must have a sample of each of your tags for our files prior to product shipment. $250 set-up fee is still required. We can store your tags in our warehouse and label the product for you or send you untagged product (you attach your own tag). Please call for details on this.